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If both parents are reasonable, this website is not for you. You should find a mediator and hammer out a parenting plan that is best for your child(ren).

However, all it takes is ONE unreasonable parent to be thrust into a child custody battle. Even if you want a peaceful resolution, the courtroom is your battleground so long as the other parent wants to wage war. Unless you're willing to walk away, preparing for battle is your only solution.

It took me too long to realize that being reasonable would not resolve my own child custody issues. After years of doing it, I now have a wealth of information that would have been invaluable to me when I first started out.

On-going child custody litigation is among the most difficult and stressful experiences a parent may face. There really isn't much good help out there for you.

Now in a happy new marriage for many years, I survived (and you will too) the majority of stressful things you have seen or may see:
  • After contributing daily to my child's care, upon separating, I was left with a few hours every two weeks with him due to the mother's belligerence and abrupt move several hundred miles away. She was later ordered to return the child. Judges slowly increased my son's time in my care, and a custody evaluator eventually recommended equal parenting time.

  • I've fought several move-away attempts.

  • I've faced financial hardship during my divorce.

  • I've retained several different family law attorneys, and I've opposed more than twice that many.

  • I've had my case heard before numerous judges in over a dozen court appearances.

  • I participated in a comprehensive custody evaluation that included psychological testing.
I'm not an attorney, a child custody evaluator, a judge, nor a clinical psychologist. I've had to interact with a variety of such professionals, simply as a layperson.

And through it all, I've remained an involved parent; despite the mother's attempts to destroy that.

The choice is yours: to build your knowledge about child custody and increase your odds of a good outcome; or rely on blind hope that everything will turn out okay (and you may as well buy a lottery ticket too).

This website gives common sense advice that is not intended to act as legal guidance nor psychological guidance. The author is neither an attorney nor licensed psychologist. For specific legal guidance or specific psychological guidance, consult with a licensed professional.

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