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Custodial mother facing contempt hearing after father disappeared for a year

Your Question:
I have been divorced for 8 yrs. Last April my 2 daughters got into a massive fight where their father stated he diswoned them. Over a period of a year they have tried to visit with other family memebers except for him. We id not get any response. He has never called me to setup visitation schedule. My children do not want to visit and they are purely terrified of him. He has now charged me with contempt of court. Any advise

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My Answer:

I don't think you have anything to worry about, if what you say is true.

I suggest that you may want to get an experienced family law attorney for two things.

The first is to represent you at the contempt hearing. This is a pretty technical hearing, and you don't want to waive any rights in a quasi-criminal proceeding. A competent attorney should have no problem squishing this.

At the same time, you should file a motion to modify the parenting plan, based upon the events you outlined.

I'll warn you that if it turns out YOU were the one keeping the kids from the father, and if the father is a decent guy who doesn't pose a risk to the children, you may find yourself losing significant time with the kids. But, if what you wrote is the whole story, then you should be fine.


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