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Father recently lost against mother's move-away with child, now what?

Your Question:
Is move-away case hopeless (especially if father wants sole in final) if mother was not found in contempt and consented agreement was modified making father do all of work (financially and physically)? Father has to drive to next state, visit child overnight in hotel then come right back. Father only had 8 days notice of mothers move. Mother has temp physical custody.

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My Answer:

You didn't provide many details of your case, so I can't comment on much.

If the mother already got court orders to move with the child, and she received temporary physical custody, it doesn't look good for what you're seeking. Barring any huge evidence, the court probably won't disrupt the kid's life again and force him to move back.

That said, I guarantee that if you do nothing, you have ZERO percent chance of prevailing.

But, if you build a strong case, your chance improves to significantly more than zero.

Which is the better route for you?

You lost the first important battle in this case. It's time to educate yourself how to be a strategic thinker and promote yourself to General. Look at my Book Reviews page, as learning about this process will be an important step for you.

If staying connected to your child is the ultimate goal, keep all strategic options open (e.g., including moving to where the mother went, if that helps the child stay connected and involved with both parents).

After you read one or more of those books, write back with specific questions. At this point, you need to lay out your long-term plan, because that's the only path left to you. The short-term plan (i.e., blocking the move) was lost.

Good luck.


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