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Mother can't get child's insurance information from father

Your Question:
Hello, my son's father is trying to seek sole custody of our child, but as of now I'm considered the custodial parent (child support has stated so) and now my son's father is refusing to hand over medical cards, he refused to send them by mail to my lawyer, and he only emailed my lawyer a copy of the medical cards. I guess my question for you is how would I go about recieving a hard copy (medical cards) for our son if the father has refused to issue them?

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My Answer:

In another email (not posted), you specified that the only court orders in existence are for child support and orders that the father is to have the child covered on his insurance with orders to give you the coverage information.

You also told me that the copies provided to your attorney are not legible.

I suggest you write your ex a letter stating that the insurance information he sent your attorney is not legible. Request that he provide all relevant policy information (including policy number, benefits, and copay information) regarding the child's coverage in legible form within 10 days, else you'll need to ask the court for help in ensuring both parents have the health insurance information.

You're hung up on getting the actual medical cards. So long as you have policy and member information, that's all any doctor's office needs. You tried to tell me (not posted) that doctors need those actual cards, but you're wrong. Just tell them that the father is in possession of the cards, but you have all the info the office needs.

If ten days passes without getting the information, tell your attorney to schedule a hearing. It may be a contempt hearing, or it may something like a "Motion to Compel father (respondent/petitioner) to produce health insurance information". Your attorney should demand reimbursement of attorney fees, due to the father's belligerence on what should be an easy thing to share between parents.

This is stupid stuff. The judge will get annoyed, possibly at both of you, but chances are that it'll mostly be focused on your ex.


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