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Never married father has temporary custody of toddler, now accused of physical abuse

Your Question:
I am a non-married father of 2 year old son. I have him 5 nights out of the week per a temporary custody order, where his mother only gets two nights. I was the one who filed for custody in court. His mother has since file a counter petition accusing me of being physically and mentally abusive to her and our son. She also states that I am mentally unstable.

I have NEVER laid a hand on either one of them in anger. There are no police reports, no medical records to show such outlandish accusations. How much will this affect the out come of our child custody battle? Will the court see that these accusations are from bitterness and not fact?

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My Answer:

If what you're saying is true, then this will only help you. I know it's emotionally tough to read.

In your pleadings, or in court, simply say, "There are no police reports, no medical records, and no investigation ever made by any social services or law enforcement agency. This is willfully fabricated and malicious testimony that only hurts our child in the end."

And for good measure, offer to take a polygraph examination on the issues, if the mother will do the same.

It'll fall apart easily enough. Just address it calmly and factually.

And expect more of the same fun for years to come! A person who makes up such vindictive lies is bound to always do it. Part of this journey for you is to grow to a point that it personally bothers you less and less.

Good luck.


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