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Noncustodial father wants to know how to see daughter after mother moved away with her

Your Question:
Ex-wife made many false accusation about ex-husband and his kids from a previous marriage. They have joint custody of a 7-year old dauhgter and she moved out-of-state. he pays child-support each month still, even though he doesn't see her. What can ex-husband do to make sure he doesn't have to pay a fortune just to see his daughter?

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My Answer:

Your husband must pay any child support that was ordered by a court.

The time to address this situation would have been before the move occurred, or at the time of the move if he didn't have advanced notice.

If the current court orders on the parenting schedule are no longer realistic, given the distance between the parents, the parents must either come to a new agreement, or the father must file an action to modify the custodial arrangement.

He can request that the mother bear responsibility for travel expenses, or it may be possible in your state to have the child support offset somewhat by the travel expenses.

If he doesn't know how to proceed in court, he needs to get an attorney if he wants a relationship with this child.


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