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Stepmom says her husband was wrongfully accused of abuse, now facing prosecution

Your Question:
My husband and ex-girlfriend has a child together, she's not at all excited about the fact that my husband is married and has moved with his life, we have battling in court since the child has been born and he's 5 years old. Earlier this year, we had the child on our weekend and he had a little accident with his bike. My husband just bought him a new bike and it was hard for him to ride it, he fell off the side of a cement driveway and was stuck between the cubbard and the bike. My husband had to break the bike up to remove him. Later on, we seen no bruises so we thought he was fine. This happened on a Friday. Sunday we returned the child to the mother, only for her to call my husband to question him about the bruises he had on his inner thighs. My husband told her what happened and we thought it was the end of it. Monday, we got a call from OCS and Sheriff's Dept for questioning. We told them what happened and they still held my husband accountable for the neglect that happened to the child. We are battling in civil court now, my husband had to go to parenting and anger managment classes, and his weekday visitation has been removed and the weekends are supervised. What are we to do now, he finished the classes and now OCS has turned this over the DA and we don't know what the outcome will be there and in civil court. Will they proscute him, and how will that effect him in civil court??? We are so tired, we don't know what to do. This incident happened in January and we are still fighting...What to do???

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My Answer:

I don't know if I have all the details to this story.

In any event, all I can recommend is that you retain an aggressive family law attorney AND a very aggressive defense attorney.

Taking a polygraph examination, stating, "I have never struck my child" may also help halt this investigation in its tracks.

If he's prosecuted and convicted of harming his child, it's likely he'll have very restricted time with the child.

Get the book "Elusive Innocence", which I describe on my Recommended Books page.

This is one of those scenarios where if you don't have the money for an attorney, you need to find it or go into debt for it. Your husband is getting steamrolled by a system he evidently doesn't know how to navigate. You can take the financial blow now, or you can see this thing spin further and further out of control.


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