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What's the difference between 50/50 custody and 49/51?

Your Question:
I was told my by daughters father that there is no such thing as 50/50 custody. He states there is only 49/51. Is that true?

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My Answer:

You may be talking apples and oranges with your daughter's father.

It's possible that a parenting plan may be structured so that the time spent in each home is precisely 50%. In that sense, it would be 50/50 in terms of the custodial time spent with the child.

However, some states require that the court identify a custodial parent and noncustodial parent... for example, for purposes of child support calculations.

In such a scenario, even if the schedule is exactly 50/50, the court would assign 51% to one parent and 49% to another parent.

In the bigger picture, if you and your ex are quibbling about this issue, you two are heading down a horrible path of conflict and petty arguments that have nothing to do with a child's best interest.

You're both hung up on precise measuring, rather than laying out a parenting plan that's best for the kid and moving forward.


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