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16 year old girl is pregnant, wants advice on how to get sole custody

Your Question:
Im a 16 year old female about to give birth to my first child, the father also 16 and his parents think that they can forse there last name on the birth cert. and file for full this true?, i have been fighting with them and they have told me over and over again saying they wish to have nothing to do with the child, and i think that would be the best choice, what would i have to do to file for full custody?

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My Answer:

Unless you're an emancipated minor (i.e., a person under 18), I don't believe you alone can get custody of your child at 16. You need to talk with an attorney about that.

I strongly encourage you to give up this child for adoption. The child is likely to have far more challenges in life with two very young parents who can't get along, compared to being adopted into a home and raised by a married couple who have the finances, maturity, and capacity to provide a peaceful, loving home for a kid.

If you truly love your unborn child, adoption would be the greatest gesture of love you can likely provide. It's a really tough decision you face.

Adoption would also give you an opportunity to finish school, go to college, find a good man, get married, and then start a family in a much better scenario.

Good luck.


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