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Can never married father just take his daughter for a day, against mother's wishes?

Your Question:
The mother of my daughter for some odd reason thinks that she can deny me access to my daughter. There isnt any court orders . my question is, if I get a hold of my daughter,can I take her for the day? Only for a day. as long as her mom knows where we are.

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My Answer:

I'm going to assume that you never married the mother.

In most states, if not all, an unmarried father has no legal or physical custody unless ordered by the court or stipulated (i.e., agreed) between the parties.

So, I'd suggest that you not simply go snatch your daughter.

Make documented efforts to be involved in your child's life. If the mother refuses, without good reason, then you need to seek relief from the court and ask for a court-ordered parenting plan and ruling on custody.

If the mother HAS good reason that you should not be around the child, she's acting in the child's interest.

As I don't know details of your situation, I really can't comment much on what's going on.

Good luck.


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