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Custodial mother wants to move 2000 miles away with young son; will court will override father's disagreement?

Your Question:
I am the custodial parent of our 5 year old son. We never got married, we were just together for about 8 years. Of course we have both moved on, he now has another son & lives with his girlfriend. I recently got engaged to a man in the army and he is stationed in Virginia. I let my ex know that I planned on moving to Virginia as soon as he gets back from Iraq. From what I have heard he is going to try and keep me from taking our son out of Texas. What should I do and what would be my chances of being able to move?

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My Answer:

I'm a strong advocate that when there are two healthy, involved parents in a child's life, those parents should remain in the same city until the child is 18. Sorry, it's just part of the price of having a kid with someone.

I don't know any further details about your relationship with the father or his relationship with the child, so I don't think I can really say anything else.


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