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Father has 179 days/year; mother has 186 days/year; should father fight for exact 50/50 split?

Your Question:
I am a never married father of one son who has, through arguments and mediation, set up a parenting plan that is close to 50/50 by a about a week. She moved away which caused all of this struggle because she didn't want to share custody with me, but we reached an apparent end to this except for deciding on who gets to claim him on our taxes. We both split the cost of everything he needs right down the middle and he is under my health insurance. She has him about a week more than I do. I suggested alternating years. She said no. My question is; do I have a legitimate claim for this or is this an issue not worth getting involved in?

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My Answer:

You're apparently still emotionally involved with your ex.

There is no other reason why a sane person would continue pursuing and arguing over a parenting plan that - for all intents and purposes - is equal.

Do you think your kid counts the days, does an analysis at the end of the year, realizes that his mom saw him 7 more days than dad, and is traumatized or troubled by that?

Move on with your life. The fight is done.


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