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Father not sure how to force mother to pay the ordered child support

Your Question:
last year the mother was supposed to pay an amount of child support. she never paid once she also owes $1000. in back payments. The attorney fees around here do not add up to what is owed and last time in court she didnt have to pay all the attorney fees due to her income. she has about 5 contempt against her but I dont have the money or time for this any other suggestions? I have sent 17 letters asking her to pay, they were sent certified. no response. I just want my money she owes that all. thanks

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My Answer:

I'm not an expert on this. I'd suggest you ask your local District Attorney for help. Or call the courthouse and ask what agency helps with collecting child support.

But if the mother doesn't have any income, doesn't work, doesn't have assets... realistically you should plan on supporting this child by yourself.

It's not fair or right, but it may be reality.


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