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Great-aunt refuses to return daughter to mother and father

Your Question:
Great-Aunt bought a round trip ticket for my granddaughter to come to Florida. Two weeks later filed abandonment charges on the father. Father, mother and my two grandchildren have all lived with me for the past 5 years.

This has been going on for two years. My son has completed the DCF requirements. Still the the granddaughter has not come back to her home with to live her brother, father and grandmother all because the upfront fees to a lawyer is out of line.

Is there anything that can be done to get daughter, sister and granddaughter back where she belongs from this great- aunt who has cut all contact with her since November, 2004. Florida Bar Association told us two years ago that this was more of a kidnapping than a child abandonmnet, but could not get DCF to see that. We live in Arizon and they live in Florida. The great-aunt has a grudge against my granddaughter's father and sees this as a way to keep him from having his daughter. Talk about PAS, this is a very classic case of it. Only we don't know how to go about getting this resolved because it is between a great-aunt and a father.

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My Answer:
Your inquiry is a bit confusing to me, so I'm not sure I have the facts straight.

It sounds like a minor child is being held at her great-aunt's home in Florida, while her mother, father, and sibling lives with you in Arizona. And it sounds like this has been going on for two years?!

You don't mention if the great-aunt has any legal custody of this child. You don't mention if the parents have had their parental rights terminated. In my answer, I'll assume that neither is true.

You mention that DCF (Department of Children and Families) was involved with something regarding the father, but you don't specify what.

Things really aren't adding up for me.

However, if everything you're saying is true, and if you haven't left out relevant factors, I suggest you call the police immediately and report a kidnapping, in that neither parent has given this great-aunt permission to hold custody of this child beyond what was supposed to be a family visit 2 years ago. I also suggest you report it to the FBI, as it's an interstate matter.

On the other hand, if you have left out relevant information that alters the only assumptions I could make based on what you wrote, then I guess we've wasted each other's time, eh?

Good luck on ensuring this girl's welfare is protected.


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