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If father moves 2 hours away, does mother have to meet halfway for exchanges?

Your Question:
If my boyfriend is moving 2hrs from his son and has joint custody of his son will the mom have to meet us half way.If we do this will we have to get a lawyer for it.

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My Answer:

I posed back to you the question that if the mother moved 2000 miles away, should the father be forced to pay half of the child's travel expenses?

A court may go either way on this one, likely depending upon the reasons for the move.

If the father is moving closer to be with you (the girlfriend), I could see a judge saying, "Hey, you chose to move, so you can do all the transportation."

If the boyfriend has been unemployed for a while, and the only job he could find is 2 hours away, I could see a judge being more empathetic and ordering that parents either meet halfway, or just letting the "receiving" parent take care of transportation.

If your boyfriend is capable of arguing his position in court and knows what papers to file, he can do this on his own. If not, then he needs an attorney.


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