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Mother's son is returning from drug rehab, what measures should she take?

Your Question:
My son will turn 18 in ten days and will be released from Drug shelter in two weeks from today? What are some of the things as a parent I can do to help prevent relapse? I went over a few rules cerfew being number 1 on the list. Just feel if I leave one leaf over turned that we may be back to starting point. Would like suggestions..

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My Answer:

Sorry, this isn't my area of expertise. But kudos to you for doing what must have been a difficult thing to enter your son into drug rehab.

I'd recommend that you talk with one of the counselors at the rehab center for advice. I would also imagine that there must be a ton of online support groups with discussion boards for parents of kids recovering from drug issues.

Best wishes for you and your son.


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