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Mother claiming she has sole custody wins the 2005 CustodyIQ Nutty Award

Your Question:
I have a question I have sole custoday of my child and my child's father doesn't see his. But He goes around telling people that he doesn't see his child because I'm only offering supervised visit due to the fact that I want to force a relationship on him, Which isn;t the truth for two years now I have been trying to force him to be a father and that's all. he's saying this to justifly his behavior of not making efforts to see his son. His father is an alcholic and uses drug so I was awared sole custody, I allow him to see his son every weekend. My problem is how to handled everyone coming up to me saying that he says doesn't see his son because of me? my sons safety come first.

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My Answer:

CONGRATULATIONS! You've just won the 2005 CustodyIQ Nutty Award!

You know why you've won this unprecedented award, and I know why, but for the sake of other readers, I'll explain why.

You've written three stories to me, using three different names and three different email addresses (but all coming from the same computer... duh).

Using name and email #1, you said you were a mother with sole custody. It was a reasonable though lengthy post, and I did give excellent advice, if I do say so myself.

Using name and email #2, you said you had moved in with a man who didn't see his son, that you cheated on your ex, and that you had two kids of your own. I liked my response to that one too.

Using name and email #1 again, you're back to having sole custody and an alcoholic ex again. I STILL gave you good advice. I rock.

And the fourth one is posted above, using name and email #3. You're still the mom with sole custody, still with the irresponsible ex.

My advice to you is this-- you may want to look into counseling for yourself to examine why you're so obsessed with all of this. To repeatedly and intentionally dupe someone who has been trying to help you, to misrepresent yourself via an array of email addresses and names; all in seeming desperate attempt to affirm all of your feelings as just and deserved... this behavior is a bit odd.

So, again, congratulations on the nutty award.

Setting aside my tongue in cheek approach, please don't write me again. You've wasted my time, which is time that I could have spent catching up on the backlog of questions that more honest and genuine people have posed to me. If you had been honest throughout, multiple contacts would have been fine.

Good luck with everything.


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