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Mother wants visitation stopped with father due to allegations of physical and sexual abuse

Your Question:
My children are being forced by the court to see their dad, who they do not want to see. They have made allegations of abuse both sexual and physical, I turned it in to the necessary parties but nothing was done and now my youngest is suicidal at times and acting out. What can I do to get the visitations stopped. My children are 13, 11 and 10.

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My Answer:

You have a case that makes no sense, and it's because of one of two reasons.

The first possible explanation is that you have failed to provide convincing and credible evidence that the sexual and physical abuse is going on AND that you have not had an effective attorney to argue it before a court.

The second possible explanation is that you are manufacturing this whole situation, poisoning the children to make them say things; and nobody is taking you seriously due to concluding this is the scenario.

So... if you're in the first scenario, you need to build evidence and get a good attorney. If you don't know how to build convincing and credible evidence, look into the books I recommend.

If you're in the second scenario, you need some help for yourself.


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