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Mother with sole custody wants to stop father from wanting joint custody

Your Question:
I have two daughter 8 & 10 I have Sole legal & physical custody. The father has been in and out of their lives and is complaining to my family and friends that I keep them away and is saying that he wants wants to try and get more time with my girls and even try to get joint custody. Im worried for their safety that he might try and take them to Mexico I really dont trust him...He claims that he hasnt seen the kids in a year which is a lie he changed his # so i had no contact number for him and since he never has a stable place to live it hard to stay in contact with him more less have him want to visit with th girls when its convient for him...How can I fight him from wanting joint custody before he even trys since my daughters have always been under my care?

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My Answer:

Your question is how do you stop him from wanting joint custody, so he won't try for it?

The easy answer is: you can't stop him from wanting things.

Now, if it's true that you've been preventing the children from having contact with the father (if there are no reasonable grounds on which you blocked that contact), then you can expect that a judge will not be pleased.

If you've acted in the children's best interest, then don't worry about what the father says. If/when he files, you respond appropriately.


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