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Never married mother concerned that the violent, drug-involved father wants visitation

Your Question:
The father of my little girl just told me today that he is going to get visation rights, well he has them already and don't show up whenever he says he is coming He dosen't even show! He even gose weeks without even calling to check on her! He has even walked out of her life for 6 months and didn't even call to see if she was okay My daughter is going to be one next month! He is on probation right now for shooting someone and also has other charges with drugs and has a record a mile long! Can he get visation rights?

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My Answer:

As I often do, I use such situations to remind all readers that we all need to be very careful about the sex parters we choose, since it can create these awful situations for children.

I'm going to assume everything you wrote is true and you haven't omitted any relevant information.

If you have a competent attorney, it's likely that your attorney can convince a court to order only supervised visitation for your ex.

Supervised visitation is when someone is always present while your ex is with the child. It could be a trusted family member, or it could be a social worker at a qualified facility.

If he's violent and involved with drugs, and if you have evidence of those things (i.e., records of criminal convictions), no judge is likely going to let him be alone with the child until your ex is a long way into rehabilitation and proving himself as stable and healthy.


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