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New father is told by mother that she wants full custody; he's confused by all of this

Your Question:
hey my ex girl friend said to me that she was taking me to court for full custody of my daughter ? well first off whats full custody?.... second she said i will have supervised visitation wit her on weekend i have her for a couple hours and third she told me i couldn't sign the birth certificate because it was too late it was already made up im soo confused could some one help ?

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My Answer:

Full custody is sole custody, wherein the parent with sole custody will have all decision-making authority for raising a child.

Joint custody is when parents share that authority.

If you were never married, you have no parental rights until a court makes court orders. You'll need to file a paternity action in your local courthouse, filling out the proper forms (or you'll respond to hers, if she files first).

The birth certificate is largely irrelevant.

You won't get supervised visitation unless there's a good reason for it. She will have to show that you're a threat to your child, a chronic alcoholic, a molestor, a violent criminal, etc.

Given that you know absolutely nothing about how this works, I strongly recommend that you retain a family law attorney who has at least 10 years experience practicing family law in your county. If you don't have enough money to do this, it's time to max out credit cards, ask for loans from family, and pull favors from friends. The sooner you take action, the more it will help you.

I also suggest you purchase the book "Win Your Child Custody War" to start to learn about how child custody and visitation works. I describe it on my Strongly Recommended page.

Finally, take a parenting class ASAP. That can only help you in court.

Good luck.


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