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Noncustodial father concerned about mother's drug use and child's frequent school absences

Your Question:
i am preparing to mount up in court for a custody 30yrs old my daughter is 13yrs old. im a married man.i was never married to my daughters mother who is a drug and alcohol abuser.although i know it i have no proof i do have documents from my daughters school showing how many days she's been absent and the numbers are staggering.well in short my aim is to astablish neglect.instilbility,and the lack of parental stucture. so my question is what are some things that i can gather as proof of the said above?

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My Answer:

Thanks for writing.

It's important to build your case before you go to court. A judge won't do anything, if your primary claim is your word with little else.

If you can demonstrate everything you've outlined, if you're bonded to your child, and if you're an adequate or better parent with an adequate or better home, you should prevail.

Get the book "Child Custody A to Z - Winning with Evidence" to learn how to put together an effective case for the kinds of things you've outlined. I describe it further on my Recommended Books page.


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