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Parent wants to know how to prepare for custody evaluation

Your Question:
Custody evaluation less than a month away. Spouse and I required to attend at the same time. (Do they want to see how we interact?) This will be difficult; there has been no verbal contact only via attorneys. History of domestic violence; temporary order issued for joint custtody. How do I prepare? Looking beyond all of that and staying focused on our children; yet there is questionable history that may may/not impact final judgement.

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My Answer:

Stay calm and civil, no matter what your spouse does.

Practice these two phrases:

"I'd appreciate if you'd let me finish my sentence, as I'm showing you that same courtesy."

"I'm sorry, we seem to disagree about that."

Focus on facts, not unfounded opinions. Make your statements relative to the children's welfare, not relative to yourself.

"I'm concerned that his/her lack of discipline is having a negative effect on the children."

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Good luck.


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