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Previous poster finally succeeds in securing 50/50 joint custody

Your Question:
Dear Eric, This isn't a question, but an update. I have posted to you several times before regarding my husband and his quest for more parenting time with his children.

Well, it is over and my husband got EVERYTHING he wanted. I still can't believe it. Yes, it cost us an arm and a leg, but it is well worth it. He now has a 50/50 schedule with his children. We were due for an all day hearing next week, and his ex proposed a settlement instead of going to trial. (Which is incredible considering the fact that she did not budge one single inch over the course of the last 14 months.) His ex tried everything over the last few months...she supoenaed our financial records, she accused my husband of abusing the children (AGAIN)...nothing she did worked and ultimately, I think it was her demise.

I would offer the advice to others that the high road pays off. If you are dealing with a mudslinging ex...don't sink to their level. And educate husband and I spent countless hours pouring over research that helped our confidence and our case. The books mentioned on this website are invaluable.

Thank you Eric!!!

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My Answer:


For other readers, one of your posts from six months ago describes your situation... click here to read it.

Persistence, taking the high road, and self-education about child custody matters is a pretty solid combination for success.

A person who doesn't commit to all three of those has a severe disadvantage in the long run.

Take care,

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