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Pro-mother webmaster suggests that I make myself available to mothers (i.e., though I already try to help mothers AND fathers)

Your Question:
Basically I have a website which I'm in the process of converting to a blog...I have linked it to a woman with a message board and I feel bad to leave it as these women will have no one to pay attention to them anymore, but I will be closing my site in a few months and just have the blog...

I really wanted a woman to do this, but have not been able to locate one who has the level of experience you seem to have or is the slightly bit interested in helping others...

I was impressed with your answer to a mother on another board so I decided to contact you to see if you would be interested in posting something on the message board (which is NOT mine) but is just a link on my site for now...letting the women know that you are available for questions sometimes...

I am an advocate for women but I'm not so interested in answering a lot of court-related questions as I am in writing about the larger issues...but again, the message board is not mine anyway...

My site is and the message board is on the buttom Discussion blog is on the buttom About Us but you can also reach it at

Eventually my site will be gone and just the blog will remain...The message board is connected with another site belonging to another's actually much older then it appears, but she moved it to another message center and a lot of the old posters didn't follow...but like I said, I feel badly for the few who did as they'll have no one to pay attention to them when I close my site and just become a blog...

Anyway see what you think and let me know...

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My Answer:

Thanks for your contact and your positive feedback. Truly.

I see this text on your website: "Of course, we also recognize that many fathers have worked to nurture a bond with their children after birth. Thus, in spite of their limited contribution, we feel that some consideration should be given to those fathers who have shown good will towards their children and have consistently met their parental obligations. However with the exception of these rare cases, we believe that mother custody continues to be in the best interest of most children."

I take offense to the assertion that the majority of mothers should be most embraced as parents for simply being female while the majority of fathers are presumed second-best as parents unless they are the "rare cases" who jump through hoops to prove otherwise. It's your website's position that mothers are fabulous until proven otherwise, and fathers are less important as parents until proven otherwise. With all due respect to your perspective, I disagree with such approach.

In the media every day, we hear about plenty of crappy parents in both genders. In our lives, we are exposed to plenty of exceptional parents in both genders.

The delicious irony is... you couldn't find a mother willing to help other mothers in a way that I (as a man and father) possibly can? :)

Regardless, I'm happy to help child-focused mothers. My bottom line is that I'm pro-child and pro-parent. Anyone who shares that mentality is always welcomed to seek advice from me. Please feel free to link to my site as you wish, if you still feel the same.


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