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Stepmom not sure how to respond to awful allegations made against custodial father

Your Question:
My fiance and I have been together for 6yrs 9months. Last year he was granted primarily custody of his 11yr old daughter. The mother & child has team up & has filed false alligations about my fiance and I, stating domestic violence in our home & that we are mistreating his daughter. There is not such thing going on in our home. We really love her & are trying very hard for her to become a strong wonderful person. We are fighting those false alligations. My question is how do we fight for someone that is fighting us? How do we stop them from making more serious false alligations?

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My Answer:

It's urgent that you both respond aggressively to false allegations of violence, abuse, and/or molestation.

Offer in court to take a polygraph if the mother would submit to the same.

Also purchase the book "Elusive Innocence" by Dean Tong. I describe it more on my Recommended Books page.

Also, if the daughter is starting to say false, awful things about you and the father, get the book "Divorce Poison" by Richard Warshak. This book is excellent for learning tactics how to combat alienation tactics that children may face in particularly adversarial custody battles.

Good luck.


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