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Stepmom thinks I rock (and I do); comments that her husband got 50/50 after 5 years of fighting

Your Question:
Eric you rock!!!

That was great advise that you gave the cheating husband (to see the post CLICK HERE). 1st and foremost he needs to take responsibility for HIS actions....we all do.

I will just share a short story about taking responsibility for own choices. My DH has fought his ex wife for the past 5 years on every single issue. She argues anything and everything he says. Finally I had had it and asked her point blank what the deal was, why did she continue to fight and lose. Her response....I want my kids raised in a traditional home (whatever the hell that is). I told her that she gave up that right when she divorced and her kids were from a divorced family partly based ON HER OWN CHOICES. She really did not have a response but after that DH would always advise her that even though this may not be what she wanted it is what was going to happen.

Thank God she finally gave up the fight and we now have 50/50 and very little crap from her anymore. Probably helps that I now work for a family attorney and our legal costs are 0 (which we advised her of in mediation the last go around) Hee hee

Anyway keep up the good work.....

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My Answer:

Thanks! Very few people ever thank me for what I write... maybe they don't like what I say, or they just don't think about it. But it's nice to read positive feedback!

Glad to hear your situation worked out. I'm posting it, to help others see that if one doesn't give up, even after 5 years of fighting, things can settle down dramatically and work out for the best.

If this dad had given up, it's likely that the mother would have largely pushed him out of the picture.

Again, thanks for the nice words, and take care.


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