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Stepmom wants to know the chances of her husband getting sole custody

Your Question:
I am the wife of a man that had a one night stand with a woman and a child was conceived. My husband has the baby five days a week during the day she goes home at night. He is the day care,and every other weekend. We have been to mediation and the mother is totally not going by the agreement. The mother smokes around the child and, the child has been to the Dr. more than half of her like. The child is 11 months old. We are taking her to court for full custody and, The childs Dr. has agreed to testify in our behalf. What chances do we have of getting full custody?

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My Answer:

The only question you asked is what is the father's chance of getting full custody.

The only possible answer is, "His chances are more than 0% but less than 100%."

Nobody can predict what can happen in court.

All you can do is build your case with relevant evidence and testimony, and pray for the best outcome.

The HARDEST PART is knowing what evidence and testimony is relevant to child custody rulings, and knowing how to put all that together in a way that will convince a judge. That's what this website is all about.


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