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What You Must Have

If you're in a child custody battle, these two items are indispensible.

Use the first one and read the second one. Right now, you may not realize how important these are, but you will look back in a couple years and be thankful for today's decision.


Child custody tracking software will help make your case in court

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It is crucial for your case that you have good documentation on the time you spend with your kids, any failure of the other parent to comply with court orders, any notes about the children's demeanor, activities that you do, and so on.

Many people in your shoes eventually find yourself before a judge in a he-said-she-said situation. At that point, the judge will have to determine who seems more credible. If you provide exemplary documentation, in a neat and orderly presentation, your chances of prevailing will increase dramatically. If you come to court with randomly scribbled notes, an incomplete spiral notebook, or testimony from "memory"; your credibility will be dramatically reduced.

If you are fighting for custody or greater time with your child, this software was designed specifically for your situation. Nothing else out there compares with it; so don't blow any money on a lesser product.

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Features of the software include:
  • The scheduling calendar

  • Time tracker module

  • Child support tracker

  • Secure private journal for your notes

  • Private message center (e.g., for attorney correspondence)

  • Graphs and statistics

  • Contacts and address book

  • Print and export module

  • Personal settings options

IMPORTANT!! Unlike other software or any documents you've created on your computer, OPTIMAL runs entirely online in a secure database. If anyone snoops on your computer, they cannot access anything you've done in OPTIMAL without your login information.

Optimal has a 14-day money-back guarantee, with a full refund if you cancel the service within 14 days of purchase.

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Initial set up leads you through setting up your custodial schedule, so the software can track and report all relevant occurrences

Quickly note anything that happened on any custodial day, which gets logged for a later report

Easily generate clear and complete reports (with graphs) that can prove your case to a court or evaluator


Win Your Child Custody War: Child Custody Help Source Book
by Charlotte Hardwick
This 600+ page book will give you an introduction to child custody issues. It will quickly educate you on the reality of the family law system. It will help you learn how to best work with your attorney (or find one) -- to save money and to be effective. The book provides extremely useful strategies, practical tips, and more. This book covers more than any other resource out there, and it's easy to read. Few people will read all 600 pages-- you'll be able to skip sections that don't apply to your case... but it will cover virtually anything that can arise in your situation. If I had gotten this book from the start and educated myself, I know I would have saved thousands in attorney fees and really made better progress earlier.

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