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Parenting Plans - by CustodyIQ


  • Outline which parent will make physical and mental healthcare decisions. These decisions include which healthcare providers to use, what care and treatment should be given, and what medications should be administered. If the decisions are not made jointly by both parents, outline the exceptions.

  • Specify that each parent should have the ability to authorize medical attention for the child in emergency situations, with notification given to the other parent as soon as reasonably possible.

  • Specify which parent shall provide health, dental, and/or vision insurance for the children.

  • Consider specifying that both parents shall provide each other with at least 48 hours notice of any routine healthcare appointments, and both parents shall be entitled to attend such appointments.

  • Consider specifying that both parents shall have access to the children's medical records, and each parent shall be listed as a parent on the accounts for each healthcare provider.

  • Consider specifying who will pay what share of healthcare expenses that are unreimbursed by insurance. In most cases, the parents split this expense.

  • Consider specifying that if a parent requires reimbursement from the other parent for healthcare expense, the requesting parent shall provide proof of healthcare service and payment made (e.g., an Explanation of Benefits statement and an invoice from a doctor). The other parent shall reimburse within 30 days.


  • Outline which parent will make education decisions, including preschool (if applicable). The decisions include which school to attend. If decisions are not made jointly by the parents, outline the exceptions. A good compromise could be that the children will - by default - attend the public school serving the neighborhood of Parent A. If the parents jointly dislike that school, then Parent B shall select the school and it will be no more than 8 miles (or whatever) from Parent A's home.

  • Consider specifying that all school expenses - except for tuition - are covered by child support.

  • Specify how tuition will be paid.

  • Consider specifying that both parents shall be listed as parents with the school records, and that both parents shall be listed as emergency contacts.

  • Consider specifying that both parents shall be entitled to examine school records, attend all parent/teacher conferences, attend all school events that are open to parents.

  • Consider specifying how college will be paid.


NOTE: I've found what I consider to be two very good sources for high-quality parenting plans. One offers a set of downloadable plans that you can modify, the other lets you create a parenting plan online and modify it.

Both of the sites above have the same 'parent' company and have the same plans. The only difference is that the online version also lets you share revisions with guests (your ex, your attorney, etc). This may or may not be useful, depending on your circumstances.

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