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For the parent new to child custody matters, a great deal of concern, mystery, and emphasis is placed on the parenting plan. This is the document that outlines how you and the other parent will continue to raise the children after your separation.

To make sure that both parents are clear on the "rules" of co-parenting and that the child is best served, a parenting plan should be comprehensive and forward-thinking (i.e., this plan should work for at least a couple years before needing modification). On-going conflict between parents is often due to vague parenting plans.

It's likely that your parenting plan will become court orders. Or conversely, the court will make orders that becomes your parenting plan. You can write your parenting plan in a word processor. There is no required format to most parenting plans, but you'll likely want to have sections with such titles as, "Education and Healthcare", "Parenting schedule", "Transportation", "Holidays," and so on.

If either parent has shown any sign of being uncooperative, you can expect that a lengthy parenting plan (i.e., perhaps 10 to 20 pages) is going to be necessary to avoid future problems -- it's simply impossible to cover all issues in a shorter document.


NOTE: I've found what I consider to be two very good sources for high-quality parenting plans. One offers a set of downloadable plans that you can modify, the other lets you create a parenting plan online and modify it.

Both of the sites above have the same 'parent' company and have the same plans. The only difference is that the online version also lets you share revisions with guests (your ex, your attorney, etc). This may or may not be useful, depending on your circumstances.

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